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Pa. Firefighters Fuming Over Welded Hydrants

Pa. Firefighters Fuming Over Welded Hydrants
"I believe that BVJA has a misunderstanding of fire department operations and instead of consulting with us, they make ignorant decisions," said Mark Trace, fire chief of Franklin Fire Department. "Their actions will most likely decrease the amount of …

Lake Dillon Fire reports improved fireinsurance ratings
Lake Dillon Fire reported a marked improvement to fire-insurance ratings this month, possibly leading to lower insurance rates for property owners once the change takes effect at the beginning of September. For residential areas across the county, the …
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Public Safety, city working to lower Bainbridge's ISO rating
Earlier this year, Bainbridge received an ISO rating of four, which maintains lower homeowner insurance rates in the city. Bainbridge Public … Such information may include flood risk, building code enforcement and evaluations of public fire …
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