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Automobile Insurance Subrogation

Automobile Insurance Subrogation: In All 50 States is the most thorough, comprehensive, and ambitious anthology of subrogation-related legal information and insurance resources ever put to paper. It is the last and most anticipated of the subrogation trilogy, and a book which will serve as the bible for any insurance company writing personal lines or commercial auto. Every year there are more than 7 million auto accidents in the United States with a financial toll of more than $300 billion. Nearly 3 million people are injured and 42,636 people are killed. In the overwhelming majority of these accidents there is at least one party at fault. For virtually every one of these accidents, a policy of automobile insurance provides some sort of claim payments or benefits. In the vast majority of those claims, one or more insurance policies and/or applicable state law grants the insurer a right of subrogation against a negligent third party whose carelessness caused the accident. This book is the bible on subrogating those claims. This book covers the nuts and bolts of auto subrogation in all 50 states, covering every topic imaginable -- including PIP, Med Pay, UM/UIM, property claims, deductible reimbursement, no-fault subrogation and more. It

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Automobile Insurance: Road Safety, New Drivers, Risks, Insurance Fraud and Regulation (Huebner International Series on Risk, Insurance and Economic Security)

Motor vehicle accidents are still a leading cause of death, even if the trend has somewhat declined over the past 20 years. Indeed, motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause of death in comparison with air and space transport accidents, homicides and even HIV infections, causes which are more often highlighted in the media. As shown in this book, motor vehicle accidents are particularly damaging to very young drivers.
The assessment of driving risks is a common concern for road transportation safety and the automobile insurance industry. In both cases, there is an awareness of the great losses resulting from the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by traffic accidents. Research is essential to counteract this public health threat, to assess the success or failure of countermeasures, and to solve the problems it generates in the insurance industry.
This book is for people concerned about road crashes (prevention and compensation) and about the insurance problems they pose - namely private and public institutional authorities, consultants, administrators, practitioners, and researchers interested in sharing the authors' experience in this domain.


Cheap Auto Insurance: How To Get The Best Car Insurance Quotes

Here's How to Discover the Best Auto Insurance Quotes
Now you can save hundreds of dollars each year on your Auto insurance premiums through the strategies revealed in this book. It will help you discover exactly which auto insurance companies provide the best rates in your area plus tips and techniques to lower your premiums and get discounts. With this book you can shave hundreds of dollars off your current car insurance costs.

Here's what you’ll discover when you read this book:

* The single most important factor in getting a cheap auto insurance quote; ignore it and your chances of getting a better rate are near to zero.

* How to get car insurance discounts and concessions.

* Clever ideas and strategies for lowering your auto insurance premium

* 101 Great Auto Insurance Tips and Ideas

If you're really interested in slashing a big chunk off of your car insurance costs you absolutely need to have this book.


Insurance for Dummies

Now updated — your guide to getting the best insurance policy Are you intimidated by insurance? Have no fear — this easy-to-understand guide explains everything you need to know, from getting the most coverage at the best price to dealing with adjusters, filing claims, and more. Whether you're looking for personal or business insurance, you'll see how to avoid common pitfalls, lower your costs, and get what you deserve at claim time. Get to know the basics — understand how to make good insurance decisions and reduce the chances of a financial loss in your life Take your insurance on the road — manage your personal automobile risks, handle special situations, insure recreational vehicles, and deal with insurance adjusters Understand homeowner's and renter's insurance — know what is and isn't covered by typical policies, common exclusions and pitfalls, and how to cover yourself against personal lawsuits Buy the right umbrella policy — discover the advantages, and coordinate your policies to cover the gaps Manage life, health, and disability risks — explore individual and group policies, understand Medicare basics, and evaluate long-term disability and long-term-care insurance Open the book and find:
  • Insurance for Dummies

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Price: $ 12.86

Insure Your Car for Less: A Practical Guide to Saving Money on Automobile Insurance

"Insure Your Car for Less is a must read for anybody who wants to save money on their car insurance."

The creator behind this book, David Goldstein, is a veteran of the insurance industry. He has worked as an insurance agent and adjuster for two of the largest insurance companies in the country, and now helps injured people take on the insurance companies at a successful law firm specializing in motor vehicle accidents.

In Insure Your Car for Less, David focuses on how to save money when applying for an auto insurance policy, and presents unique information that has rarely been discussed before.

The topics he discuses are more important then ever, as modern insurance companies have become large corporate behemoth’s built on catchy advertising and marketing. Calling one of these companies usually results in being connected to a call center thousands of miles away. Long gone are the days of building a trusted relationship with your local agent, and counting on them to get you the best rate possible. David takes on this role and more, as he reveals some of the unknown guidelines that insurers use to underwrite their policy, and offers


Bonus-Malus Systems in Automobile Insurance (Huebner International Series on Risk, Insurance and Economic Security)

Most insurers around the world have introduced some form of merit-rating in automobile third party liability insurance. Such systems, penalizing at-fault accidents by premium surcharges and rewarding claim-free years by discounts, are called bonus-malus systems (BMS) in Europe and Asia. With the current deregulation trends that concern most insurance markets around the world, many companies will need to develop their own BMS. The main objective of the book is to provide them models to design BMS that meet their objectives.
Part I of the book contains an overall presentation of the pros and cons of merit-rating, a case study and a review of the different probability distributions that can be used to model the number of claims in an automobile portfolio. In Part II, 30 systems from 22 different countries, are evaluated and ranked according to their `toughness' towards policyholders. Four tools are created to evaluate that toughness and provide a tentative classification of all systems. Then, factor analysis is used to aggregate and summarize the data, and provide a final ranking of all systems. Part III is an up-to-date review of
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Cheap Insurance for Your Home, Automobile, Health, & Life: How to Save Thousands While Getting Good Coverage

Insurance takes a huge bite out of the average American's monthly budget, and as stated above, many Americans simply forgo insurance because they consider it out of reach. Shopping for insurance requires more effort than many people want to devote to it. They simply grab the first price they come across or accept routine rate increases when it is important to compare not only the price but also coverage and exclusions among carriers.

In this easy to read and comprehensive new book you will learn hundreds of ways to secure and or reduce your health, automobile, life, and home insurance costs. If you do not have or cannot afford insurance, we will show you how to get it at a price you can afford. The Internet and technology have opened up a great new way to search for low cost insurance services; we will give you the Web sites, tell you what to look for and to look out for.

There is a great deal you can do right now to cut insurance costs. For example, did you know that installing a theft tracking device in your car can save you up to 35% on your auto insurance and that your credit
  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Automobile Insurance: Samuel P. Black, Jr. and the Rise of Erie Insurance, 1923-1961 (Garland Studies in Entrepreneurship)

This study explores the development of automobile insurance through the career of one of the industry's entrepreneurs, Samuel P. Black, Jr., and Erie Insurance, the company he helped build.

List Price: $ 175.00
Price: $ 175.00

The U.S. Experience with No-Fault Automobile Insurance: A Retrospective

Nofault regimes, a formerly popular alternative to the tort compensation system for autoaccident victims, have gradually lost support. Over time, premiums and claim costs have grown in nofault states relative to other states, primarily driven by explosive medical cost increases. Nofault and tort states have also converged across many domains affecting costs, including excess claiming, litigation patterns, and noneconomicdamage payments.

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Business Auto Policy Coverage Guide (Commercial Lines)

Business Auto Policy Coverage Guide is essential for the business on the move. This guide helps you interpret the standard policy most often used to insure commercial automobile risks and provides all the answers you'll need. The new Business Auto Policy Coverage Guide, 3rd Edition, includes: Complete analysis of the march 2010 ISO business auto coverage form Even more of our popular, practical examples illustrating essential coverage points Expert discussion of seven new endorsements for the 2010 program Updated state-by-state treatment of statutes regulating auto coverage Continuing Education ProductSee which products are available for CE in your state. See monitoring requirements in your state. Call Customer Service at 800-543-0874 to purchase the CE exam. No CE will be granted if the book has not been purchased.


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