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Insurance Law: Abraham 5e (Casenotes Legal Briefs)

After your casebook, Casenote Legal Briefs will be your most important reference source for the entire semester. It is the most popular legal briefs series available, with over 140 titles, and is relied on by thousands of students for its expert case summaries, comprehensive analysis of concurrences and dissents, as well as of the majority opinion in the briefs. Casenote Legal Briefs Features: Keyed to specific casebooks by title/author Most current briefs available Redesigned for greater student accessibility Sample brief with element descriptions called out Redesigned chapter opener provides rule of law and page number for each brief Quick Course Outline chart included with major titles Revised glossary in dictionary format
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Price: $ 47.95

U.S. Captive Insurance Law

This is the first book on captive insurance which informs the reader whether or not he should form a captive insurance company, how to run it along with an explanation of the tax issues associated with running a property and casualty insurance company. In addition, the reader is taken through an entire case law history of captive insurance to better enable him to understand the issues related to forming a captive insurance company. New with this edition is a lengthy section by Beckett G. Cantley addressing special IRS considerations about which the captive owner and/or practitioner should be aware. These include the applicability of certain judicial and statutory anti-avoidance doctrines applied by the IRS and courts to disallow certain tax benefits associated with captive transactions that exploit the Internal Revenue Code in a manner not intended or contemplated by Congress.
  • U S Captive Insurance Law

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Price: $ 20.95

Understanding Insurance Law (2012)

This comprehensive Understanding treatise can be used as the course text or as a supplement to any insurance law casebook. Insurance Law is designed to make the substance of insurance law accessible to the student and to the general practitioner unfamiliar with the subject. The premise of this book's organization is that insurance law is best understood if its legal principles are arranged according to the various stages in the life of a contract. Part A considers the question "what is insurance law". Part B considers issues germane to the establishment of the contractual relationship between insurer and insured. Part C considers issues relevant to the performance of contractual obligations. Finally, Part D examines a few topics that defy easy categorization, including special problems in group insurance, special issues in automobile insurance, issues in reinsurance, and a new chapter on excess and umbrella coverage.
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Insurance Law & Policy: Cases Materials & Problems, Third Edition (Aspen Casebook)

Tom Baker, a highly regarded teacher and scholar on the faculty of both Penn Law and Wharton demonstrates the big picture in insurance law and policy, exploring federal-state regulatory roles in depth as well as the traditional topics covered in the casebooks. Insurance Law and Policy: Cases and Materials uses more statutory material than any other casebook, with statutes typically presented through problems. Manageable assignments contain one major case followed by informative notes, questions and a problem. Here is a text that appeals to Insurance teachers as well as teachers of Torts and Contracts considering a new course. The Third Edition welcomes new co-author Kyle Logue, who is a highly regarded teacher and scholar on the faculty of the University of Michigan Law School. Professor Baker is the Reporter and Professor Logue the Associate Reporter of the new ALI Principles of Liability Insurance Project. A new and improved ERISA unit incorporates recent Supreme Court decisions. Relevant new material from the Affordable Care Act informs the discussion of health insurance. The Third Edition makes extensive use of the ALI Principles of Liability Insurance Project, with black letter rules presented through problems. Judicious pruning of notes, problems, and cases to allows room
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Price: $ 29.74

Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles

The third edition of Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles follows the widely acclaimed first and second editions. It provides a detailed examination of the developing law of insurance, combining exposition of the law with critical analysis. The book is designed with the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students in mind. The text is enhanced by extensive citations to case law and academic commentaries, making the book ideal for students, scholars and practitioners alike.

This new edition reflects the many changes that have occurred in the law of insurance since the second edition was published in 2005. The book is divided into two parts. Part I considers the regulation of insurance business and the general principles underlying the law of insurance contracts. Part II examines the way in which these principles are shaped by the particular insurance context in which they operate. The book is readable and authoritative, with a sound grasp of the realities of insurance practice; it is well sourced and generous with supplementary points.

'Lowry & Rawlings is a welcome addition to the ranks of insurance law textbooks and a serious contender for the student readership in this field.'
Nicholas Legh-Jones QC, Lloyds Maritime


Marine Insurance Law

This book expertly introduces and clearly explains all topics covered in marine insurance law courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, offering students and those new to the area a comprehensive and accessible overview of this important topic in commercial law. Beginning by introducing the general principles of the subject, the structure and formation of insurance contracts, Marine Insurance Law then looks to individual considerations in detail, including: brokers, losses, risks and perils, sue and labour, reinsurance, and mutual insurance/P&I clubs. This title has been developed with the needs of courses specifically in mind, and its content has been tailored to include the most important and commonly taught topics in the field. Each chapter contains end of chapter further reading to support student research, ensuring this new textbook provides a reliable and accessible gateway into this important topic in maritime law

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Principles of Insurance Law

Over the past two decades, there have been a number of important developments in the areas of liability, property, and life and health insurance that have significantly changed insurance law. Accordingly, the Fourth Edition of Principles of Insurance Law has been substantially rewritten, reformatted, and refocused in order to offer the insurance law student and practitioner a broad perspective of both traditional insurance law concepts and cutting-edge legal issues affecting contemporary insurance law theory and practice. This edition not only expands the scope of topical coverage, but also segments the law of insurance in a manner more amenable to study, as well as facilitating the recombination and reordering of the chapters as desired by individual instructors. The Fourth Edition of Principles of Insurance Law includes new and expanded treatment of important insurance law developments, including: •  The critical role of insurance binders as temporary forms of insurance as illustrated in the World Trade Center property insurance disputes resulting from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001;
•  The continuing debate between ""legal formalists"" and ""legal functionalists"" for ""the heart and soul"" of insurance contract law;
 What constitutes a policyholder's ""reasonable expectation"" regarding coverage;
•  The current property

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Insurance: Concepts & Coverage

RISK IS UNCERTAINTY AS TO LOSS... RISK IS OMNIPRESENT AND ALL PERVASIVE... INSURANCE PROTECTS AGAINST THE ECONOMIC LOSS CAUSED BY RISK This book provides an actionable approach to the functions of the insurance industry in an easy to use examination of property, liability, life and health insurance coverages plus information on the basics of a risk management program.
  • Insurance

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Cases and Materials on Insurance Law (American Casebook Series)

This new edition incorporates significant case developments by the US Supreme Court in the areas of ERISA preemption and punitive damages. The book remains the only text with a comprehensive section on overlapping and multiple insurance coverage problems which is now updated. The sections on the interpretation of insurance policies and on binders now include the World Trade Center case and the text now reflects the concurrent causation problems highlighted by Hurricane Katrina. An advantage of the organization of this text is that while the materials are best suited for a three-unit course, they also can accommodate a two-unit insurance class because material can be neatly omitted in blocks.

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Price: $ 101.03

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