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General Liability Insurance Coverage: Key Issues In Every State

Those involved with general (and professional) liability insurance claims, such as insurance company claims professionals, coverage counsel, risk managers and brokers all respond to a new claim scenario with the same three words: Is it covered? [That may also be the last time that they agree on anything.] It’s just three words -- but the answer can be vexing. Despite the relative uniformity of general liability policies, states can differ widely in their interpretation and application of them. So the answer to the “Is it covered?” question can depend a great deal on whether the case arises on one side of the street (or river or mountain) or another. General liability issues usually involve one or more rules, or schools of thought, that govern their resolution. The task for courts is often to identify and examine these various rules and decide which to apply to the claim before it. "General Liability Insurance Coverage -- Key Issues in Every State" sets forth the rules that have been adopted by all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, for 21 important and commonly occurring general liability insurance coverage issues. And about half the issues are just as relevant for professional liability claims

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Property and Liability Insurance Principles AINS 21 Course Guide

This is the course guide for an Associate in Insurance (AINS) course number 21. It is also a required course for the Associate in Claims.
  • AINS 21 Course Guide

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How Insurance Works: An Introduction to Property and Liability Insurance

Book by Barry D. Smith, Eric A. Wiening
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General Liability Insurance Coverage: Key Issues in Every State

Insurance coverage disputes raise issues in which laws and outcomes regularly vary from state to state. Whether a claim is covered can depend a great deal on whether the case arises on one side of the street or another. It is imperative that insurance claims professionals, lawyers, brokers, risk managers, risk consultants, regulators and judges have adequate access to comparative state-law research. General Liability Insurance Coverage is designed to give the stakeholders in the claims process ready access to the law of all 50 states on the most important liability insurance issues to quickly learn and assess state law relevant to coverage disputes.

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Errors and Omissions (e&o) Insurance: A guide for real estate professionals

This guide is a comprehensive resource about errors and omissions insurance in the US. If you are a real estate professional and would like to understand e&o insurance (also known as personal liability insurance), and make an educated decision about which policy is right for you, then this guide will take you step by step through the who, what, where, when and how questions you may have.


Property and Liability Insurance Principles

3rd Edition, August 2004
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The Bermuda Form: Interpretation and Dispute Resolution of Excess Liability Insurance

Providing analysis and interpretation on the construction of the Bermuda Form this book also addresses the dispute resolution process and covers the legal and practical issues which arise in the international arbitration of large and complex disputes under it.

Since the Bermuda Form was developed in response to the collapse of the US excess liability insurance market it has become an industry standard on which such insurance is written. Bermuda Form arbitrations have since been conducted in London or Bermuda over a period of more than 20 years and represent hugely detailed, complex, lengthy and expensive pieces of litigation. This book is a valuable guide even for experienced practitioners in this difficult area of the law, adding significantly to the nascent body of information on the analysis, interpretation and construction of the Bermuda Form.

The book includes the full text of the Arbitration Act 1996 and the Bermuda Arbitration Act.

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Price: $ 275.00

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