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Money. Wealth. Life Insurance.: How the Wealthy Use Life Insurance as a Tax-Free Personal Bank to Supercharge Their Savings

America’s elite have been using cash value life insurance to stockpile wealth for centuries. Used correctly, it is better described as a personal bank on steroids, and a financial bunker for tough times.

To be clear, this book is not about the typical garbage peddled by most insurance agents. Rather, an alternative to the risky investment strategies taught by Wall Street.

It details a highly efficient form of cash value life insurance designed to supercharge your savings and stockpile wealth. A product so powerful it’s responsible for the success of Walt Disney, JC Penney, Ray Kroc, and thousands of others.

Here's what you'll discover:

•How the wealthy use this vehicle to create more wealth, take less risk, and create predictable income they can't outlive

•Why banks and corporations place billions of dollars in this powerful vehicle

•How I earned over 300 percent returns leveraging my life insurance policies

•How you can create a safe, predictable foundation to enhance every financial decision you make

•How to win with taxes and keep more of the money you make

While the information compiled into this book is valuable, you'll also find three
  • Money Wealth Life Insurance How the Wealthy Use Life Insurance as a Tax Free Personal Bank to Supercharge Their Savings

List Price: $ 8.95
Price: $ 8.76

Life Insurance: ATHENS 2012

WRITER: Thanos Kondylis
TITLE: Life Insurance
TYPE : Literature
FORM : Short Story
LANGUAGE : English
PAGES : 28
WORDS : 4.200



The story is about Gerry, a guy deep into debts. It is days he’s been searching for a solution and finally comes up with a brilliant idea. Or at least he thinks so. His plan has to do with his life insurance. He calls for emergency help his friend, John, but this is his biggest mistake of all. Because his life insurance is going to be fulfilled soon enough.


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Life Insurance Sales Ammo: What To Say In Every Life Insurance Sales Situation

This manual is a collection of hundreds of sales tips and ideas from over 30 years of meetings, discussions and on the job practice. Included are hundreds of Probing Questions, Answers to the most common Objections, and Power Phrases to take your sales to the next level! A MUST-HAVE Life Insurance Sales Handbook to help Life Insurance professionals dynamically increase their sales!
  • Paperback Books

List Price: $ 14.95
Price: $ 14.30

Confessions of a CPA: The Truth About Life Insurance

A question I get almost every day is: “why isn’t everyone implementing the principles in this book?” The answer to that question is that everyone who understands these financial truths is implementing them. If you carefully read and absorb the financial principles of life insurance uncovered in this book, you will understand as well. There is a finite amount of knowledge that humans know about the universe. All of this known information falls into three categories: First, there is a certain amount of information that we know and that we are aware that we know. We could say that we are “consciously competent” of this information. Second, there is a large amount of information that we know nothing about. We know that there are certain fields or concepts "out there," but we really don't know anything about them. We might say that we are “consciously incompetent” of this information. The third category of knowledge represents information we don't know, and we’re not even aware that we don't know it. We are "unconsciously incompetent" in these areas. It doesn't mean that the information doesn't exist; it just means that we

List Price: $ 18.95
Price: $ 14.79

Live Your Life Insurance

UPDATED and REVISED! "Live Your Life Insurance" shows you exactly how you can take advantage of one of the most common, but misunderstood, financial tools. In it, you'll discover exactly how you can use your life insurance to benefit you while you are alive — and help you build financial security. In addition, it will reveal ways to make the best of your policy no matter what age you are. Most people don't realize what a powerful tool they have in their life insurance policies — this book will be your guide.
  • Live Your Life Insurance

List Price: $ 14.95
Price: $ 13.24

Life Insurance Made Easy: A Quick Guide - Whole Life Insurance Policy and Term Life Insurance Coverage Questions Answered

Life Insurance Made Easy: A Quick Guide - Whole life insurance policy and term life insurance coverage questions answered

This book is a quick and easy guide for the average person in understanding life insurance coverage. We review the most common life insurance coverage in simple "straight to the point" language.

Salesman can be misleading. We help you understand the life insurance policy they are trying to sell you and whether or not it makes sense to you.

Things you will learn in this 27 page quick guide:

- What kind of life insurance is right for you and your family.
- Top 10 Questions you better know before talking to a life insurance agent.
- How to know if you have too much insurance.
- Find out why Suze Orman and CBS News are wrong.
- term life insurance coverage vs whole life insurance policy: what they don't tell you.
- And Much More!


Life Insurance: How to Get the Best Quotes and Rates

Here's How to Discover the Best Life Insurance Plan
This guide will show you exactly how to locate the best life insurance plan for your location while avoiding the single most expensive life insurance mistake.

You owe it to yourself and to your family to acquire this essential information. Get this guide today!


The Life Insurance Handbook

Term life insurance. Whole life. Variable and Universal life insurance. The list of choices for insurance products continues to grow - along with the different uses and tax implications associated with each. Despite the dizzying pace of change in the industry, every financial professional must understand the different types of insurance available - and the considerations for purchasing them.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now - the Society of Financial Professionals teams up with tax and estate planning expert Lou Shuntich to bring you a practical new reference guide that is both compact and comprehensive. Concise and to-the-point, this handbook provides the latest industry information on:· The legal aspects of acquiring and owning a policy· The types of products and contracts available· Simple criteria for evaluating and comparing policies and insurance companies· The tax implications of each product type· Structuring policies, ownership arrangements and beneficiaries for maximum tax and legal benefits - and tips for avoiding traps and pitfalls in the processWhile not an exhaustive account of the industry - it's an excellent primer that covers the key concepts necessary when advising clients or analyzing portfolios and estates. And in keeping with the Society of Financial Professionals' steadfast commitment to providing continuing education to the industry,
  • The Life Insurance Handbook

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 2.00

The Life Insurance Game

Based on interviews with insurance executives, agents, and regulators, this in-depth examination of the life insurance industry discloses the questionable tactics involved in its amassment of more wealth than any other financial institution except banking

List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 53.66

The Monster -How to make 7 figures selling life insurance

The Monster is a step by step guide on how to experience super success in the life insurance industry. Professional sports teams, pro athletes, celebrities, fortune 500 companies all call Rashaun Page their agent. This book will layout the blueprint on how easy it is to become a dominating force in this industry. The techniques are laid out in the pages of this book.


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