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To Robbie Feaver the law is all about making a play-to a client, a jury, or a judge. But when the flashy, womanizing, multimillion-dollar personal injury lawyer is caught offering bribes, he's forced to wear a wire. Even as the besieged attorney looks after his ailing wife, Feaver must also make tapes that will hurl his friends, his enemies, his city, and a particular FBI undercover agent into a crisis of conscience and law. Now Robbie Feaver is making the play of his life.

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How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

Know your rights! Find out how to make the best case for yourself and win your personal injury claim.

Dealing with insurance companies and lawyers when filing a personal injury claim can feel like another accident is in the offing. But you can handle a claim yourself -- and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim shows you how to handle almost every accident situation, and guides you through the insurance claim process, step by step. Learn how to:

protect your rights after an accident
determine what your claim is worth
handle a property-damage claim
deal with uncooperative doctors, lawyers and insurance companies
counter the special tactics insurance companies use
prepare a claim for compensation
negotiate a full and fair settlement
stay on top of your case if you hire a lawyer

This edition of How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim provides your state's most recent laws, small-claims court limits and Department of Insurance contact information. Plus, you'll find an all-new chart explaining your state's in-car text and cell phone laws.

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Torts and Personal Injury Law

Taking a case approach, this proven book provides an accessible overview of tort law for paralegals who work on personal injury matters. Hypothetical scenarios in every chapter demonstrate how abstract tort law pertains to real life accidents and injuries. In addition, over 75 annotated cases featuring hot button issues give readers an opportunity to apply key concepts to the types of cases they will encounter on the job. Built-in learning aids include problems, projects, a running glossary of legal terms, outlines, chapter summaries, and review questions. Now fully updated throughout, the Fifth Edition includes a new chapter on negligence, new content, and new chapter-opening features titled "The Biggest Mistakes Paralegals Make and How to Avoid Them." Each of these unique vignettes illustrates a dilemma, an ethical lapse, or another unfortunate experience that actually happened.
  • Fifth Edition, Original condition

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Winning Your Personal Injury Case: The Ultimate 8 Step Guide To Protect Your Health, Family and Finances

Whether you have been injured in an accident and need direction about your next steps or if you would simply like to arm yourself with knowledge should an accident ever occur, this small book is a treasure trove of solid advice based on the author's years of experience in personal injury law. Doug Zanes, attorney at law and author of this book, is a practicing attorney in Arizona and founder of Zanes Law, a Personal Injury Law Firm with offices in Phoenix, Glendale, and Tucson.

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Torts and Personal Injury Law

Torts and Personal Injury Law, fourth edition, is the perfect torts book that is comprehensive, but not too overwhelming to students. Each chapter begins with "The Biggest Mistakes Paralegals Make and How to Avoid Them" feature, inviting the reader to read deeper into each chapter. An overview of tort law for the paralegal who works on personal injury matters is covered over 13 chapters. Topics such as product liability, medical malpractice, and accidents are included. Additional coverage includes general tort law, alternative dispute resolution, negligence, defenses to negligence actions, intentional torts, injuries to property, liability, strict or absolute liability, product liability, special tort actions, and tort investigation. A total of over 75 cases are annotated and include the following hot button issues: malicious prosecution of the Duke University Lacrosse players, toxic mass torts, patient dumping, spoliation of evidence, sexual abuse by clergy, donor egg implantation by same sex couples, spam email fraud, HIPPA, and obesity caused by trans fats from fast food.
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Personal Injury

When personal injury attorney, Angela Caruso, learns her ex-booty-caller, Nick Sourvanos, will be defending the most important case of her legal career, Angela will stop at nothing to teach him a lesson. After all, he has won too many undeserved victories in the courtroom - not to mention the bedroom.

A big win is exactly what Angela thinks she needs. Nick, like most people in town, associate personal injury claims with fraud, malingerers and late-night, cheesy television commercials.

Unfortunately, Angela's million dollar client has some secrets and it may take something extraordinary for Angela to pull off a victory.

Suited up for an award winning performance in a navy pin-stripe ensemble and her personal version of war paint, Angela marches to trial, but soon realizes what she needs the most is something only Nick can give her.


Torts: Personal Injury Litigation

TORTS: PERSONAL INJURY LITIGATION, 5th EDITION, is a comprehensive guide to the law of torts. This fifth edition extends the discussion of paralegal roles within tort litigation and examines the ethics of attorney solicitation. A comprehensive checklist, which includes definitions, defenses, relationships, paralegal roles and research references, is provided for each tort presented. This checklist provides readers with an overview of information and serves as an on-the-job refresher. Over forty pertinent case studies are included, allowing readers to examine important court opinions. Among the controversial issues discussed in these court opinions are AIDS, the Oklahoma bombing, computer torts, assistance to the homeless, billion dollar verdicts and settlements, biomedical research and the alleged tort committed by President Clinton that became part of his historic impeachment and Senate trial.
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Personal Injury & the Law of Torts for Paralegals, Third Edition (Aspen College)

Personal Injury and the Law of Torts for Paralegals is a basic textbook for the paralegal torts course, emphasizing personal injury and medical information useful in litigating torts cases. It provides paralegal students with the foundational information on torts and to teach them how to apply the skills they will need when working as personal injury paralegals. New to the Third Edition:Recent developments in the law incorporated through new examples throughout the textMore assignments that reflect practice in the workplace, such as documenting damages and preparing trial exhibitsMore exercises included in every chapterExpanded coverage of Duty to Act in Chapter 2More on the differences between agents, employees, and independent contractors in Chapter 6Renzi v. Paredes, pertaining to loss of chance in medical malpractice law, added to Chapter 8.More on Easements and Adverse Possession in Chapter 10, including a new sidebar on when Trespassing to Land becomes Adverse PossessionNew sidebar on Stand Your Ground laws included in Chapter 11Expanded coverage of public nuisances in Chapter 13

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Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim: (How To Evaluate and Settle Your Loss)

Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim reveals the inside secrets of claim negotiating and shows you how to settle your case for top dollar. This book will guide you through the insurance claim wilderness and provide you with the answer to that critical question: How much is my 'pain and suffering' worth?The mystery of how to place a value on your 'pain and suffering' has been solved with the introduction of BASE: The Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation Formula. It will help you to prove your losses, and to know how to present them during your negotiations. You?ll learn the all-important 4 'Values' that BASE provides for you: The PREMIUM Value, The MEAN Value, The CORE Value and The LOW Value. The BASE Formula is a simple, yet revolutionary evaluation tool.Knowing how to guide an accident claim to a victorious payoff is not an exclusive ability, possessed by a select few. Don?t be seduced into thinking you can?t do it yourself. That simply isn?t true! This book will show you how.If you?ve been in an accident and you?re uninformed, you have little or no concept of the ultimate value of your possible recovery. Because of this, you?re less able to
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Personal Injury Law for DUMMIES


Price: $ 151.41

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