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LVADs a breakthrough in UAE cardiac surgery, specialists say

LVADs a breakthrough in UAE cardiac surgery, specialists say
“At best, LVADs are considered to be bridging devices which gives a patient of heart failure a lease of life until he can get a transplant.” Obviously the number of hearts available for transplant are far less than the number of patients awaiting the …

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Extra repayments may be made to settle the loan earlier without incurring any costs. The loan includes an insurance policy to protect customers and their families in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as accidental death, disablement or redundancy.
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UAE NRIs urged to learn the power of their will
Kapil Jain does not like to dwell too much on the subject of death. The 40-year-old has lived and worked in Dubai for the past 15 years and hopes he has a long life ahead of him. But, should the worst happen, he admits his rational side has prompted …
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