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How FedEx Streamlines Operations At Freight Docks

How FedEx Streamlines Operations At Freight Docks
It took manual effort for supervisors to plan staffing requirements or get a log of hours worked. As for truck delivery logistics, accurate driver information on estimated time of arrival wasn't available, and dock doors were considered occupied only …
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Irony: Gov't Watchdog Agency Finds Something 'Improper' When It Looks at Its
The OIG, which has autonomy from the EPA for the purpose of conducting independent investigations, does not have consistent procedures with the agency's contracts management manual. The report acknowledged the irony of its watchdog role.

Fraternities Are Their Own Worst Enemies, Not Drunk Girls
“[The fraternity's] risk management manual exceeds 22 pages,” he writes. “We take the rules very seriously, so much so that brothers who flout these policies can, and will, be asked to move out. But we … “The National Association of Insurance …
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Creating the Need for Life Insurance (Foundations to Life Insurance Part 1 of 5)


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